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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Chow Down Charleston

We know there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. Although we might be a bit partial, we think the best way to really get to know our city is through its delicious food. So here’s our top 10 reasons to choose Chow Down Charleston on your next visit:

1. More Food, More Tasting Locations.

We stop at six different tasting locations on our Downtown’s Local Flavors Tour! That means you have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of amazing flavors that local chefs and business owners are so passionate about sharing. Our Charleston food tours offer enough food to create a hearty lunch for most guests.

2. Our Tours Combine Food AND History.

Limited time in town? Can’t decide what to do first? Maximize your tour experience with Chow Down Charleston! In between each of our food tasting stops, your guide will stop to showcase some of the fascinating architecture, history, and cultural events that happened right on our city streets. You’ll also learn how Charleston’s past influences its current culture and culinary trends.

3. Don’t Get Caught in a Tourist Trap!

Our Charleston tours only feature small businesses frequented by locals. This is also one of the reasons we keep our tour groups small, to preserve the authentic feel of our local establishments. You’re more likely to run into locals on their lunch breaks than other visitors to the city in each of our carefully selected tasting locations.

4. Causal Fun with Other Foodies.

In a city known for culinary excellence, it can be intimidating to decide where to start! When you join us for a food tour, you find amazing flavors by local chefs in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

5. Buy Local, Support Local.

Chow Down Charleston is a small family business, and we aim to support other local small family businesses as well. Buying one ticket with us directly impacts up to six local restaurants, cafés, and specialty shops.

6. Tours at the Most Convenient Times. 

Eat when you are actually hungry! Our 11 a.m. tours are a convenient opportunity for lunch and an informative tour so you can maximize your time in Charleston!

7. Your Tour Guide is a Wealth of Knowledge!

We are licensed tour guides in the city of Charleston, and we also love to eat. Your guide can offer suggestions and recommendations so you won’t miss anything on your visit! (This is why we recommend taking our tour at the beginning of your stay.)

8. Explore Parts of Charleston That Can’t be Missed.

We keep you off the beaten path on our food tours. You stroll through local neighborhoods and get a feel for what it’s really like to live, work, and play in Charleston.

9. Small Tour Groups for a Tailored Experience. 

You won’t get lost in the crowd on our tours. We limit our groups to nine people – this allows you the opportunity to talk with your guide, ask questions, make a few new foodie friends, and capture a unique culinary and historical experience.

10. Our Reviews Speak for Themselves! 

Check out our review and press page here. We strive to create a unique, fun, and memorable experience with Chow Down Charleston Food Tours!

Convinced? We thought so!

Take the Downtown Charleston’s Local Flavors Tour today!